4 Back-to-School Tips for Acing Your Next Dental Exam

A dentist performing a dental exam for a young girl

As you get ready to head back to school, you may want to impress your classmates with a stellar smile. It’s certainly one way to get positive attention during the new semester! To ensure you have one, it’d be a good idea to try and ace your next dental exam. That way, you’ll know your healthy teeth and gums will give others a good impression. Luckily, your Virginia Beach dentist can help. Read on to learn four back-to-school tips for passing your next dentist appointment.

Eat Mouth-Healthy Foods

Chances are you already know fatty and sugary foods aren’t good for your teeth. Eaten in excess, they can cause tooth decay, cavities, and even infections.

That being the case, try to have meals high in mouth-healthy vitamins and minerals. Fish, dairy, and leafy greens are some good examples.

Drink Lots of Water

Just as high-sugar foods hurt teeth, the same applies to super sweet drinks. Juice boxes, sports drinks, and soda can erode tooth enamel if you’re not careful.

Instead of such items, try drinking water instead. Not only will it not harm your enamel, but it’ll also rinse away leftover food and other mouth debris. As a result, the beverage can lower your odds of cavities, tooth decay, and other dental issues. To help you remember, consider carrying a refillable water bottle to school with you.

Chew Sugar-Free Gum After Meals

When you’re rushing to class after lunch, you may not have time to brush your teeth. In that case, try cleaning your teeth by chewing sugar-free gum.

You see, chewing the gum will stimulate your mouth to produce saliva. The latter chemical helps oral health by washing away leftover food and bacteria, as well as strengthening teeth with minerals.

Practice Good Oral Care

If you really want to ace your dental exam, though, the best thing to do is practice good oral hygiene. In other words, brush your teeth twice daily, floss once daily, and rinse as needed with an antiseptic mouthwash.

Do you struggle to make this care a routine? Not a problem! Consider setting reminders for dental visits on your smartphone. On the other hand, you could ask your parents to schedule appointments when other kids aren’t rushing to get their own back-to-school cleanings.

Getting a thumbs-up at your next dental exam will ensure your smile dazzles as you start school. Therefore, follow the tips above so that your teeth and gums stay squeaky clean and healthy!

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