Afraid of Root Canals? Preventive Dental Insurance Coverage to the Rescue!

happy patient with a thumbs up and using dental insurance coverage

This time of year, people like to get scared at haunted houses and watch horror movies, but did you know that what many people most fear is a root canal? In fact, more people are afraid of this procedure than spiders, sharks, and snakes, and about 59 percent of people would rather make a public speech than endure a root canal. Are you one of these people?

Although root canal therapy in reality isn’t nearly as frightening as people believe, it is still a smart idea to try to avoid it if you can. Fortunately, your dental insurance coverage makes it easy through covered preventive care. Keep reading to learn more about how and why you should take advantage of preventive dentistry and how your insurance can help you avoid the anxiety and expense of a root canal.

How Preventive Care Works

If you want to avoid a root canal, you must visit the dentist twice per year for checkups and cleanings. These routine appointments are more than just a chance for your dentist to catch up with you. This visit serves two main purposes: to examine your teeth for signs of decay and to remove hardened plaque that could lead to decay.

All patients who undergo root canals started with a small cavity that got worse, and your dental checkup is an opportunity to catch the issue before it necessitates a more invasive root canal. In addition, once plaque has solidified on your teeth, it can be difficult to remove. However, your hygienist has the training and tools to take it away. This gives your mouth a fresh, clean feeling and stops potential cavities from forming in the first place.

Why Insurance Companies Provide Preventive Coverage

If you know anything about medical insurance, you’ll know that most of the coverage goes toward treatment and not prevention. Dental insurance works differently. Insurance companies are well aware of the fact that it costs much less money to avoid a dental problem than it is to treat it. In other words, they are willing to take on the expense of preventive care so that they don’t have to pay more money for root canals and other procedures.

As a result, most insurance providers cover most if not all the cost of preventive care to encourage patients to get routine checkups and cleanings twice per year.

In the end, using both your aversion to root canals and your dental insurance coverage, you can avoid needing to have this procedure done. Taking advantage of preventive care will ensure that your smile stays healthy and strong against cavity-causing bacteria and that you steer clear of what scares you!

About the Author

In his 12 years of dentistry experience, Dr. Kapish Goyal has accomplished more than most dentists. He is a Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry, a distinction held by only 6 percent of dentists nationwide. As a result, he can offer advanced care for patients in need. However, he prefers to prevent oral problems whenever possible. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Goyal, you may contact Goyal Dentistry online or by calling 757-427-0695.